The end of 2013


2013 coming to an end
I went through this year with full of happy
happy because I can see the sunrise and sunsets
I got new friends and someone who is always there for me
I saw people with true love for me
live without you made ​​me have to learned to stand back with the second legs
without you I saw all the secrets of life, something you always cover it with happiness
father know you’re right, This year I became a person who is very mature
adult and know that life is not always white
you are not lost even if you do not greet me anymore
I love you and my love for you getting bigger
and you will always life in my heart


AKDONG MUSICIAN welcome to YG Family

The winner of K-Pop Star season 2, Akdong Musician, will be joining YG Entertainment after signing a contract with the agency.

Through an official report, YG announced on May 24, “We cannot not reveal the details of the contract but we have been discussing this with the two singers and their parents. Now we have successfully ended the negotiation and in a few days, the contract will be signed.”

The contract signing came late compared to the contestants of season 1 because Akdong Musician are still minority. Thus all the process had to be discussed with the parents first, but since they currently reside in Mongolia, the contract signing was delayed. YG, despite the delay, welcomes the two musicians with open arms.

Akdong musican said, “We believe that YG Entertainment would be the best agency to support our music. We want to produce good music in the great environment that YG provides for their musicians.”

The biggest reason Akdong Musician chose YG as their agency seems to be that the two artists have an experience of working with YG twice during the K-Pop Star program. They have seen with their own eyes the systematic structure within the agency and the professional system the agency employs. The two musicians also met with more than 10 main YG producers for their performances, so they are familiar with the staff members as well.

K-Pop Star, SBS’s Survival Audition Program, gives the contestants a chance to become either SM, YG or JYP’s artist. The competition is extremely fierce, but this feature is what differentiates the program from other talent show programs. In season 1, the winner Park Jimin now belongs to JYP, and the latest winner of season 2, Akdong Musician, chose YG.


YG’s CEO Yang Hyun-suk kept an eye on the amazingly talented Akdong Musician throughout the show and often commented that “their music is completely organic – uncontaminated and pure. Music experts trying to polish their music might actually work as a disadvantage for them.”

About signing the contract with the two musicians, he said, “YG will function as a picture frame that will protect the freely painted work. We are only going to be the frame and the glass, not trying to repaint the artists’ work. We aim to preserve the pureness and the genius of Akdong Musician without trying to embellish their talent.”

In season 1, YG successfully signed the contract with the second winner Lee Hi. The 16 year old artist, after joining YG, released 3 songs in just 7 months, all of which swept across music charts and music programs on national television. She is now the most successful talent-show-born artist in South Korea.

Akdong Musician is widely loved for their fresh music that crosses the border of all music genres, including the songs of previous generations. Every song they released ranked No.1 in online music charts and they stay at the top for a long period of time. They already have a solid fan base. Their commercial jingle for “Bean rice cone shaved ice” that was released just yesterday instantly became No.1 in whopping 8 online music charts.

info by : YG LIFE 2013. 5. 24.

Vino Giovani Bastian

(born in Jakarta, March 24, 1982, age 31 years) is a film actor from Indonesia. Vino is the youngest son of Bastian Tito, author of the famous kungfu by Wiro Sableng series.

In junior high school, he began playing music as a drummer. He then became a model and in 2004 made ​​his debut as an actor through the film 30 Days Looking for Love. In the film directed by Upi Avianto the Vino plays the character of a man who turned out gay. The movie starred with actress Nirina Zubir, Mary Agnes, Dinna Olivia and Revaldo Fifaldi.
Acting man is married to Marsha Timothy is the first film that made ​​Erwin Arnada, Rexinema director, to replace Vino in the film Endnotes School (2005) directed by Hanung Bramantyo. Directed by Upi Avianto, Vino play in the movie Reality, Love and Rock’n Roll (2006). Film production Virgo Putra Herjunot The film starred with Ali and Miss Indonesia Nadine Chandrawinata. Movie offer was followed by torrential him, including Message From Heaven (2006) and the 2007 remake Storm Passes Definitely (2007). He won the Best Actor award FFI and awards Indonesian Movie Awards as Favorite Actor, Best Couple and Favorite Couple (with Fahrani) for his role in the film Radit and Jani.

Vino look good from all sides. he was charming and cool. all women in Indonesia’s crazy about him. voice, body and character that he has really been a dream woman. 2009 Vino managed to shift Tora Sudiro of peak and was ranked first Indonesian film actors highest paid (Indonesia’s Highest-Paid Actor) with a fee of Rp 250 million per film.

Vino on 20-10-2011 legally married to  Marsya Timothy. they really look like the best couple in Indonesia. see vino married to marsha no woman will be jealous because they look harmonious